VEX-1 /VEX- 10 - FM Voice Expander AND/OR Editor for the HX-1,3 and 5

This voice expander is probably the "missing link" between the HX (Which doesn't have any
FM voice editing abilities), and the VED-1/FED-1 Software (Which have all editing abilities
down to the last bit..).
It is stated in the HX's user manual (P.80): "Special software for such applications (FM UV editing)
is being planned for release in the near future." And I think that this was the plan for the European
and the US markets. As in Japan they've probably had other plans for themselves, and that's where
these two pieces of hardware come in:
The VEX-1 and VEX-10 were produced only for the Japanese market to give an immediate answer
to the FM voice editing problem of the HX.
The VEX-1 is used as HX-FM voice expander and editor.
The VEX-10 is a simpler version of the VEX-1 - without sound presets or HX panel. Thus it is simply
called "FM voice editor". The editing abilities of the VEX-10 are identical to those onboard the VEX-1.
These units support most of the common editing parameters such as panning, feet , algorithm, etc.
Furthermore, they both support ALL (!!) types of HX (1,3 and 5).
Unfortunately, these units are extremely rare outside Japan and their manuals available in Japanese
only. Thus, HX-3 and 5 users are stuck with what FM sounds they have (FM packs/Disk) and
HX-1 users can always use the free VED-1 SW from this site to easily edit their voices.

VEX-1 Pictures: (Thanks to Mr.George Walch - Switzerland)

VEX-1 HX Panel Sticker Pictures:

VEX-10 Pictures:

VEX-1/ 10 spesifications table:
Voice EditorHX-1, 3 and 5 4-op or 8-op polyphony, 8-op or 16-op monophony
Voices Presets (VEX-1 only)110 (55 for the HX-3/5) onboard poly presets, and 66 (34 for the HX-3/5) onboard Mono presets.
Editing parameters:Attak, Decay, Release , Vibrato , Brilliance , Detune , Octave , Algorithm. Along with fine editing abilities.
Other ControlsHX external control panel, HX Power feed, Dual MIDI ports
IndicatorsLED Display, Voice Arrange (start,enter) Voice select (+/-,x10), Voice bank (1, 2, 3 ,4 ,HX ,Buffer), User voice select.
Input/Output JacksMIDI-1 (In,Out;for electone),MIDI-2 (In,Out), DC Out, HX-feed.
AccessoriesMIDI Cable (1.5m x 4), 1-unit Bracket BRT-3 (for HX,HS and HE Electones; optional), 2-unit Bracket BRT-3D (for HX, HS and HE Electones; optional)
Dimentions(W x D x H)135 x 200 x 63.5mm (5.3" x 7.9" x 2.5")
Weight1.1kg (2.4 lbs.)

VEX-1 Quick Start guide (Japanese):Download

For more information please refer to the Yamaha manual library. (Yamaha Manual library)

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.