RP - RAM Pack - memory storage media

Most of us electone players from the late 80's until 1993-4, when the disks had conquered this
field, have used this very expensive media for storing our electone's registrations.
Each RP could contain the settings of only 1 electone-settings, and cost around 15$ US.
This little card contains a small 8kb EEPROM memory (by Sanyo) and a small 3 volts Lithium
CR2025 battery (the original was also by Sanyo) which is glued and melded (!!) into to main board.
Nowadays the batteries of most of these media cards need to be replaced - and it is not so trivial
as it sounds...
There was two kinds of RPs:
RP-3 (8kb) -

Can contain either Registrations, panel and global settings
or User voice data (or F.M.P in HS series.).
RP-5 (32kb) - Can contain both together.

RP-3 Pictures:

RP-3 specifications table:

Switch:Memoty protect No/Off

RP-5 Pictures:

RP-5 specifications table:

Switch:Memoty protect No/Off

For more information please refer to the Yamaha manual library. (Yamaha Manual library)

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.