FVP - FM Voice Pack - Media containing FM user voices

This Pack media contained FM user voices for the H electone family. Each series has its own
FM voice packs, this HS FVP didn't match the HX and vice versa..
Each HX pack contained 112 FM user sounds divided into two sides. Each side contained 4 banks.
Each bank was downloadable , and contained 8 poly user voices and 6 mono user voices.
There were only 3 HX FM voice pack made: (All available in the Downloads section)
Classical instruments (FVP-01X)
Contemporary sounds (FVP-02X)
Synthesizer & Ethnic (FVP-03X)
All came in a mini cassette case along with detailed instructions and sound list.

FVP-3x Picture:

For more information please refer to the Yamaha manual library. (Yamaha Manual library)

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