Editing programs for the HX

Well, I think this is the most problematic issue of the HX family... There is no way of editing
the FM tone generator directly from the HX panel (!!!!!!).
The idea was to give the HX a very powerful FM voice editing abilities via MIDI and create
a computer software to do the editing much more user friendly and effective.

BUT (!!!) the platforms that the Yamaha had decided to use were the worst they could ever choose..
As far as I know, the VED-1 (Voice EDiting) software was released on three platforms: Atari-ST ,
Yamaha MSX , and the Toshiba T3100 using its unknown "A-Form" expansion slot. (I really don't know what were they thinking about..).
The Toshiba's version run under MS-DOS and was called FED-1.

This site is mainly dedicated for developing such a program (Win32 app.)- so for further details about
the progress, please refer to the programming section.

VED-1 Atari ST platform:
With the very big help of the wonderful Mrs. Sprenger from Holland, I bring you the
Atari ST version (cracked) of the VED-1 software.
I've included a full ready to use package of the Steem Atari ST emulator for Windows (Xp/Win7-32/Win7-64). (So far the VED-1 can run only in black&white ST high res. mode.)


For downloading the software-package (.zip file) click here.

Please note: The package contain a 'readme.txt' text file which explains exactly how
to unzip and run the emulator and VED-1 software. Please follow the instructions carefully and enjoy..

FED-1 Toshiba-3100 platform:
NEW!! With some great help of some payers from the US, I bring you the
DOS-based FED-1 software.


No Pics. yet.

For downloading the software-package (.zip file) click

Please note: This program only runs on a Toshiba-T3100 machine equipped with the extremely rare MI-3100 expansion on-board.

Here is the scanned user manual of the FED-1 software. Enjoy.

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.