CVS-10 - Combination Voice eXpander

This voice expander was produced for obtaining additional organ (combination of flutes)
sounds. It has a very nice look, big LCD and all the abilities of the HX WM tone generator.
It can be attached to any instrument via MIDI(I think transmitting to its MIDI in is enough),
and connecting its "main out" jacks (big PL connectors) through an emplifire to an
output source.

CVS-10 Pictures: (downloaded from the internet)

CVS-10 Brochure:
Download the German brochure

CVS-10 spesifications table:
Tone GeneratorWM(Wave Memory) and FM(Freq. Modulation); Upper:8-note polyphonic; lower 8-note polyphonic; pedals: monophonic
VoicesUpper/Lower(16 presets,16 user voices) Flute:16',8',5-1/3',4',2-2/3',2',1-3/5',1-1/3',1'; Attack:4',2-2/3',2';Pedals(8 Presets, * User Voices) Flute:16',8',4'
Effects/ControlVolume: Upper/Lower/Pedals; Tremolo/Chorus: On/Off (for Upper/Lower), Speed, Footsw; Reverb On/Off, Depth; Pitch; Transposition.
Registration Memory16 Memories x 4 Banks; 16 Preset Combinations
Other ControlsM./Shift, Power Switch, Stereo/Mono Switch, Impedance Switch (Hi: Electone; Low:Home Stereo)
IndicatorsLCD Display, LED Lamps: Upper, Lower, Pedals, Edit, Tremolo, Chorus, Reverb, Regist., M./Shift
Input/Output JacksMIDI-1 (In,Out;for electone),MIDI-2 (In,Out), Aux. In(L,R), Line Out (L,R), DC In.
AccessoriesMIDI Cable (1.5m x 2), Audio Cable (Stereo;1.4m), 1-unit Bracket BRT-3 (for HX,HS and HE Electones; optional), 2-unit Bracket BRT-3D (for HX, HS and HE Electones; optional), Power Adapter PA-W10 (DC In 10V; 700mA - A; not included)
Dimentions(W x D x H)135 x 200 x 63.5mm (5.3" x 7.9" x 2.5")
Weight1.1kg (2.4 lbs.)

For more information please refer to the Yamaha manual library. (Yamaha Manual library)

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.