MDR Emulation software (Win32/64) for HX/HS/HE/EL/ELX

One of the most problematic issues in the world of electone players is about to be solved once and for all:
The lack of MDR devices in the world and the fact that the RP's and the MDR's physical drives themselves are "dieing".
Mr. Robert MacDonell was kind enough to help us all in this matter and programmed a very nice solution for that exact purpose: the MDR Eliminator is a very nice and revolutionary MDR emulation program which requires one to connect the HX/HS/HE/EL or even ELX to his/her Windows-based PC using a MIDI kit.

Current version: Build 11.9.2023 (11 Sep 2023) NEW!
- Supports 32bit and 64bit systems: Win11, Win10, Win8 and Win7.
- This solution also support converting the MIDI file format to MDR's EVT file format,
  and check out the new HX1 FM voice editing software page...NEW!

The only recommended and tested MIDI kit is the M-Audio's UNO cable:



For downloading the latest version (Build 11.9.2023) click here.
(Older versions: v1.0 , v1.1 , v1.4. )
For downloading the Documentation (.doc file) for v1.4 click here.

Go to MDREliminator's Homepage:

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.