HX modular section.

While surfing the Internet I found the following picture, which visually explains the HX
modularity idea. As seen from it, one could start with an economy budget HX configuration
(like HX-3 or 5) and climb up to the full HX-1 system-1:

Contents of that prospect:
Choose from three tone generators: You can choose from two different
HX-1 includes seven FM tone generators (two kinds of double manual keyboards:
16-operator monophonic, three 8-operator MKX-5 61 keys, initial and after touch
polyphonic, two 4-operator polyphonic) and response; knee lever ,rhythm controls,
two AWM tone generators (one monophonic, 16 registration memories, RAM pack
and one polyphonic). system, pitch wheel, modulation wheel.
HX-3 includes seven FM tone generators (two MKX-4 (not shown) 49-keys, initial and
8- operator monophonic, five 4-operator after touch response, knee lever, rhythm
polyphonic), and two AWM tone generators controls, 16 registration memories, RAM
(one monophonic and one polyphonic). pack system.
HX-5 includes seven FM tone generators (two Choose from four different keyboard amplifiers:
8- operator monophonic, three 4-operator KA-40 350W x 1 and 250W x 1
polyphonic, two 2-operator polyphonic), and KA-30 250W x 1
one AWM tone generator (monophonic). KA-20 100W x 1
KA-10 30W x 1
Each employs Yamaha's newly developed
digital processing for the organ combination
sounds, programmable digital effects (delay, Expression pedals:
reverb, etc.), and Yamaha's unique AWM EP-10 Volume control. (Standard on all pedal
(Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation for keyboards.)
the voices and rhythms. AWM produces voices EP-20 Rhythm tempo, pitch, or modulation
and rhythms that are far superior in quality control; selectable (Optional).
to PCM, and that are also - unlike PCM
voices and rhythms - touch sensitive. Choose from three pedal keyboards:
PKX-F1 25 notes, initial and after touch response.
Keyboard stand: PKX-M1 20 notes initial and after touch response.
STX-1 Comfortable for a sitting or standingPKX-S1 13 notes.
performance, this central unit allows full
view of a player's instruments.
There are two different types of
*Note: Yamaha has recommendations for the benches: ___________________
three ideally balanced basic systems: BNX-F1 for pedal keyboard PKX-F1.
System 1 (HX-1, MKX-5,PKX-F1, STX-1, BNX-P1) BNX-M1 for pedal keyboard PKX-M1
System 3 (HX-3, MKX-5,PKX-M1, STX-1, BNX-M1) and PKX-S1.
System 5 (HX-5, MKX-4,PKX-S1, STX-1, BNX-M1)

Download PDF version of that prospect.

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.