Yamaha MSX spec.


Yamaha MSX(1985)


Operating system: MSX, MSX-Basic V1.0
Memory: 32 KB RAM, 32KB ROM
Processor: Z80A, 3.58 MHz.
Announcement: Video chip TMS 992, 16 KB Video RAM:
Text 40x24x2 or 32x24x15, diagram 256x192x15
Sound: Sound chip Ay3-8910 (8 voices polyphonic);
inserted 4-Operators-FM-Synthesizer
I/O: 1 x module haven, 1 x cartridge, 1 x video, 1 x HF (antenna),
2 x Joystick, MIDI interface, 60-polige socket for Synthesizer
Built: Year of construction 1985, well received,
power pack is missing. Flea market, 15 DM
Comments: Despite these first-time production difficulties it brought the CX5M
to some spreading popularity especially among musicians.
Using a special "Voicing cartridge" one could edit the sounds
of the well-known professional Synthesizer at that time - the DX7
very easily from the computer, which was an enormous
improvement. Therefore many musicians created sounds themselves
on the computer without ever using it for "typical" tasks of computers
such as games or text processing.

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.