Toshiba T3100 / T3200 spec.

Toshiba T3100(1987)

640*400 plasma screen.
CPU: 80286-8 (8/4.77MHz).
640 Kb of RAM.
20 meg hard drive.
720Kb floppy.
400 bps modem.
power supply.
1 serial and 1 parallel accessory Connectors.
External CRT and external 5 1/4 360Kb floppy drive connectors.
Operating systems: Toshiba MS-DOS 2.11 MS-DOS 3.2.
Weight 6.6 kilo
size 308*80*360 mm.

Toshiba T3200SX(1991)

Intel 80386SX/16 CPU.
4 megs of RAM.
12" VGA plasma display.
120 meg Conner Peripherals HDD.
Panasonic 1.44 meg internal FDD.
2 serial ports.
1 8-bit MCI expansion slot.
1 16-bit ISA expansion slot.
Internal power supply. (This machine had no battery.)
Operating systems: DOS, Win3.1 etc.
Costs about 50-100$ (US)

Sincerely yours James Cohen Israel.